It is the contractor’s responsibility to determine whether their installed components meet these standards. To this end he shall check whether a product certificate is available for each component used. It may be clear that this involves a lot of work for most contractors. Kiwa NCP has therefore, as the largest institution in the Netherlands in this area, set up a registration system for all product certificates to provide assistance. Contractors only have to check this system to find out whether an applied component has or has had a valid certificate.

Components Burglary Prevention
The CCV Regulation 2005 version 2 and Risk Class Classification (VRKI) comprise NCP and/or REQ registered products (based on (inter) national standards or European standards). This predominantly includes the NEN-EN 50131 series. Insurers use the VRKI to determine an object’s risk class.
Although a legal obligation to use certified components no longer exists, insurers but also other parties have a great interest in using high-quality components in any security system. The NCP registration system provides contractors and building owners with the assurance that only certified products are used in the security system and that, in combination with the certified installation method, optimal prevention can be expected.

Components Fire Prevention
Based on the BMI 2011 Certification Scheme, a company shall demonstrate, by means of product certificates, that fire alarm equipment used complies with the EN-54 series. Products certified on the basis of the EN 54 series by accredited institutes such as LPC, ANPI, VdS, CNPP can be listed as NCP registered components by NCP. Checking this list is therefore a useful tool to demonstrate that the components comply with the EN-54 series.

NCP Product Registration offers the following benefits:

  • Brand awareness among contractors, insurers, end users and inspection bodies
  • Registration of all (European) suppliers, provided the product is certified 
  • Accessible to all suppliers, regardless of industry membership 
  • All registered products clearly listed in one register 
  • Contractor can refer to the register containing the relevant certified product 

Certification process
If you wish to register your products for NCP registration or if you have additional questions please contact us.