Relevant to any organization in the Netherlands that works with healthcare information, including suppliers.

Organizations in the healthcare industry often store and process important but sensitive data relating to patients; NEN 7510 certification can help you keep that data safe – and show your customers you’re serious about information security.

The Dutch norm NEN 7510 sets out the requirements for information security specifically for the healthcare industry, where patient data must be available, reliable and complete. NEN 7510 is closely related to ISO 27001, but specifically tailored to the healthcare sector.

Based on the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 data security standards, NEN 7510 sets out an information security framework that is focused on applications in the Dutch healthcare sector. By having certified processes in place, you can protect information about patients, thereby protecting the integrity of the data, patients’ health and your image.

What you need to know?

Information security in the healthcare sector is vital for protecting patients and ensuring the proper treatment of confidential data. If you want to manage information security risks, NEN 7510 can help, whether you are a healthcare provider or a web hosting service provider that works in the healthcare industry.

Getting certified with Kiwa

More and more data is being produced, processed and stored in the healthcare sector, helping ensure patients receive the best possible care and supporting the development of new treatments. Patients want to know that their information is safe, so data risk management is vital for any organization in the healthcare industry. NEN 7510 certification can demonstrate your robust approach to information management in the Dutch healthcare sector, showing patients you are trustworthy.

By partnering with us, you can maximize the benefit of NEN 7510, managing your security risks to protect your data and information you look after for patients, therefore building trust and supporting health.


  • Protect patient information – by helping you manage risks and improve processes, NEN 7510 lets you protect your patients’ confidential data.
  • Improve your reputation – NEN 7510 certification demonstrates that you have taken the steps to protecting data, enhancing your reputation.
  • Avoid financial penalties– by managing risks with NEN 7510, you can reduce the chances of a data breach, therefore avoiding penalties and compensation claims.
  • Exchange information securely – with NEN 7510, you can ensure your processes are secure enough to exchange sensitive information with partners and suppliers.
  • Comply with regulations – NEN 7510 helps ensure you are compliant with patient data regulations.
  • Improve competitiveness – NEN 7510 certification helps you differentiate from competitors, showing your commitment to security standards.
  • Strengthen your relationships – with NEN 7510, you can demonstrate that you take patients’ data seriously. 
  • Reduce risks – by giving you an insight into your security risks, NEN 7510 helps you protect data and reduce the risk of breaches.