A new development recommendation can be drawn up for all kinds of roofs: ‘regular’ roofs, both pitched and flat, accessible roofs, parking deck roofs and roof gardens for industrial buildings, residential and office buildings, shopping centres and special buildings.

When preparing a new development recommendation, the construction is assessed in terms of building physics by means of calculations. An assessment of the wind resistance in relation to the occurring wind loads is also part of a new development recommendation.
The recommendations are formulated in such a way that all the relevant requirements of the Buildings Decree are met.

Nowadays the finish of a roof consists of more than just a waterproof layer. By using the roof for multiple purposes, installing solar energy systems on the roof or turning it into a roof garden, the requirements set for the material layers are becoming ever more stringent. Specialists such as architects, constructors, experts in the field of installations, etc. are often consulted during the designing phase. By engaging an expert at this stage to determine the basic structure of the roofing construction and to ensure that it suits your (future) wishes, we can prevent delays during the construction and during use.