The full name of NTA 7516 is ‘Requirements for safe e-mail and chat applications (exchange of ad hoc messages with personal health information)’. Its purpose is to ensure safe and reliable exchange of personal health-related information. The standard comprises technical requirements for e-mail and chat applications and prerequisites for the usage of it. The standard also aims to standardise the messaging, so information can be exchanged between applications of different suppliers.

A secure standard for exchanging personal health information

The ultimate goal of the NTA 7516 standard is to make sure that e-mail and chat solutions can be used as a secure way of exchanging personal health-related information. This makes NTA 7516 an addition to the existing standards for information and privacy protection for the healthcare sector, such as

NEN 7510, 7512 en 7513 (quality standards for the processing and security of personal health information in a broad sense). Suppliers that comply with the requirements of the NTA 7516 standard will receive a certificate.

For developers, suppliers and healthcare organisations

NTA 7516 is aimed at the developers and suppliers of software solutions for ‘unstructured, asynchronous and ad hoc exchange of personal health information’. These are solutions for e-mail, messenger and chat. The NTA 7516 after all includes functional requirements that customers in the healthcare industry apply when procuring this type of tools. This makes the NTA 7516 also really interesting for healthcare organisations themselves.

Specialist in information security

Kiwa’s expertise as a certifying body in the healthcare industry and as a specialist in the field of information security come together in the extensive services of NEN 7510 and in line with that, the NTA 7516. We can help healthcare organisations to achieve the NTA 7516-certificate and many other certifications, such as the internationally acknowledged ISO 27001.

More information

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