Ecological agriculture is a general system for farming and stockbreeding management based on the optimum use of natural resources, without using any synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), thus obtaining organic foods with all their natural properties at the same time as maintaining the fertility of the land and respecting the environment, all on a sustainable and balanced basis.

This certification is recognised worldwide and forms part of a long supply chain which includes food preparation, its distribution and marketing, right up to the point where this eventually reaches the final customer.

The conformity certificate for Ecological Agriculture issued by Kiwa España is a quality guarantee for customers supplying the European market, ensuring that the products have been prepared in accordance with strict norms based on respect for the environment and animals.

The certification process includes several phases. Any operators interested in obtaining the Kiwa Ecological Agriculture Certificate should properly fill in the Ecological Handling Plan (PME) and send this in before the audit is carried out on new producers and notification of changes in renovation audits. New operators could have a prior audit made on them for verification of the Ecological Handling Plan (PME), if Kiwa considers this necessary. Registration of these operators will be processed in accordance with the instructions of the relevant Competent Authority.

After receiving the Handling Plan (PME) the auditor will proceed to get in touch with the company in order to set the audit date. The initial audit and the follow-up audits will be scheduled in accordance with the operator depending on the date on which the estimate and contract are signed and considering any possible instructions of the competent authority – Autonomous Community (CA). After the audit a Report is presented, with the List of Non-Conformities detected (where applicable). The operator will have a period of 30 calendar days to reply to any non-conformities detected, by sending the corrective action considered appropriate and proof of its implementation.

When the operator has complied with the requisites of the rule the Certificate of Conformity in Ecological Agriculture will be issued, granting the concession for using the mark.

Kiwa España will ask the operator to annually confirm maintenance of the certification, prior to the end of the effective period of the certificate, recertification and confirmation of its registration.