The Circular Performance Ladder for your company?

Organizations with a CSR Performance Ladder Circular, profile themselves with regards to buyers and clients. The benefits of this certificate is that organizations that are certified, according to the Circular Performance Ladder, distinguish themselves from organizations that only say they are Circular. The certificate that shows that the organization is working purposefully on reducing the excessive use of raw materials. 

Performance Ladder Circular

The guideline of Kiwa focuses on the establishment of a management system. The principals of circular entrepreneurship are central in this guideline. Attention is paid to the development and production of products and services that are in line with circular entrepreneurship.

Is my organization eligible? 

Organizations that are starting or have completed a transitioning process to undertake circularly are eligible for the Kiwa certificate.

Necessity of the certificate

With this certificate, you propagate that you comply with the guiding principles of circular entrepreneurship. This certificate is a Unique Selling Point for the organization. For customers who understand the importance of circularity, it can be the deciding factor of doing business with your organization.

Process steps

  1. The interested party submits their application for certification to Kiwa.
  2. Kiwa sends the applicant a non-binding offer.
  3. The applicant must ensure that all required data and the internal quality system are in order.
  4. Kiwa makes an appointment for an initial audit at the applicant’s location.
  5. If successful, a Kiwa reviewer will assess the initial audit report.
  6. In the event of a positive review, the certificate will be issued.
  7. An audit is then carried out once a year at the location of the certificate holder.

About Kiwa 

Kiwa among the world’s top 20 in the field of testing, inspection and certification (TIC). With our services for certification, inspection, testing, training and consultancy, we ensure confidence in the products, services, processes, (management)systems and employees of our customers. We do this in multiple market segments for over 65 years all over the world.

Kiwa will help you do business circularly with the Performance Ladder Circular

Raw materials are in danger of becoming scarce due to a growing population and increasing prosperity. This makes it increasingly important to use the available raw materials as efficiently as possible. Watch the video and find out how the Performance Ladder Circular can help you in your contribution towards a circular economy. Together, we work on a better world.