According to the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331; if not defined otherwise in the standart pressured equipments  periodic controls must be conducted once a year also lifting and conveying equipments periodic controls must be conducted once a year for occupational safety.

What you want to know?

Some of the services we have provided in this context:

Periodic Controls of Boilers:

  • Heating Boiler Periodic Control
  • Hot Water Boiler Periodic Control
  • Steam Boiler Periodic Control
  • Thermal Oil Boiler Periodic Control

Periodic Controls of Pressure Vessels:

  • Compressor Periodic Control
  • Hydrophore Periodic Control
  • Air Tank Periodic Control
  • Autoclave Periodic Control

Lifting Tools Periodic Controls:

  • Crane Periodic Control
  • Caraskal Periodic Control
  • Mobile Crane Periodic Control
  • Forklift Periodic Control
  • Workshop Type Lift Periodic Control
  • Load Lift Periodic Control

Certified with Kiwa

In order to work successfully in today's employment economy, companies need to demonstrate their commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment for their employees; Periodic inspection and inspection services help you do this.

By partnering with Kiwa, you can reduce health and safety risks in your workplace with periodic checks and inspections.

USP / Benefits

  • Create good working conditions - you can create better working conditions by reducing risks,
  • Reduce costs - Periodic inspections and inspections ensure that your equipment operates at high efficiency and reduces costs,
  • Comply with the legislation - allows you to define legislation related to OHS and to evaluate your compliance.