Relevant to Gas Appliance Manufacturers and Suppliers, Installers, Asset Owners, and all other parties who seek answers to their enquiries regarding plastics and rubbers in gas applications.

The Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers can support you in securing the quality, safety and reliability of plastic or rubber components in gas appliances, by providing technical consultancy, supported by testing. We can also support you with selecting the most suitable polymer material for a certain component in relation to its function and environment.

The total overview of services and solutions that the Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers offers regarding plastics and rubbers in gas appliances and installations is given below:

  • Certification of plastic and rubber components
  • Product inspections
  • Physical & mechanical testing
  • Chemical resistance testing
  • Testing of pipe joints
  • Service life investigations and residual lifetime assessments
  • Technical Consultancy
  • Trouble shooting
  • Damage/failure analyses
  • Independent arbitrations
  • Market research
  • Support in product development
  • Training & seminars

Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers is your partner for independent testing, certification and quality related services regarding plastic and rubber components in gas appliances.

When questions arise regarding quality and service life of components and equipment.

Please contact us for more information.