Kiwa delivers the following services in the field of plastics piping systems in a wide scope of markets (gas, water, sewerage, industry, energy, drainage etc.):

  • Certification of pipes, fittings and joints
  • Product inspections
  • Physical & mechanical testing of plastic materials and products
  • Chemical resistance testing of polymer materials
  • Material evaluations in accordance with ISO 9080
  • Testing of pipe joints
  • Service life investigations and residual lifetime investigation
  • Technical consultancy
  • Trouble shooting
  • Damage/failure analyses
  • Independent arbitrations
  • Market research
  • Support in product development
  • Training & seminars
  • Development of test methods
  • Drafting of guidelines and standards

Manufacturers, suppliers and users of plastics pipes and fittings.

If you have a question regarding plastics piping systems.

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