This can be as wall panels, roofing materials, piping systems, seals, coatings and a large number of other products. For all these products it goes that they need to be suitable for their application and that you have to be sure that you can rely on the well functioning. For instance wall panels that are mounted on large buildings should not break and fall down unexpectedly. Also leakages of seals can easy lead to high costing damage. For other parts like foils or bearings it goes that after building they might not be able to be reached or replaced and therefore failure should be avoided completely.

To help setting up specifications and test programs for polymer material products in such applications the Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers can assist you. We have the knowledge and the facilities to set things up and to carry them out.

Architects, contractors and owners of various building and civil works and constructions where polymer materials are involved.

At the design, evaluation, application and use stage of a building and civil work using polymer materials.

buildings - bridges - tunnels - utilities - energy plants - industry - roads - railways - land structures.