Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers carries out tests and investigations on plastics and rubbers to measure the effects of several gases and liquids on these materials.

The extent to which polymers are subjected to attack by chemicals is determined by a number of parameters, related both to the chemical and the polymer involved. Polymers are more susceptible to solvent or chemical attack when under stress and/or strain. Stress can be internal, caused during the manufacturing of the product, or due to externally applied loads. The nature and strength of the chemical will affect the amount of damage. While some dilute chemicals will not attack a polymer, more concentrated solutions can do considerable harm. The extent of chemical attack on a certain polymer is mainly dependent on the chemical structure of the polymer. The effects of chemical exposure are increased at higher temperatures and with longer periods of exposure.

The Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers can help you to investigate the effects of several chemicals, gases, detergents or oils to your polymer materials.

Designers, manufacturers, contractors and users of polymer materials.

In all cases where it has to be validated that polymeric materials and products are resistant to the service conditions (medium, temperature, pressure, time).