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If you are a manufacturer or user of polymer material products for outdoor applications, then it is good to know that Kiwa is involved in testing the weathering resistance of polymer materials and products.

Because you know better than anyone that plastics are often used out- or indoors exposed to daylight or to daylight behind glass for long periods. The effects of daylight, heat, moisture and other climatic stresses may have influence on the aesthetic and mechanical properties of plastics and for that reason the resistance to these effects is investigated.

Evaluation according to international standards

Using the products in the applications they are designed for and measuring the influence of these effects is most of the time not practical. In most cases it takes too long time. Alternatively, test methods are used where test pieces are exposed to laboratory light sources and the combined effect of ultra violet radiation, moisture and heat to the material properties is measured as a function of the exposure time.

Kiwa has several testing equipment to evaluate the artificial weathering of polymer materials according to international standards.

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About Kiwa 

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