The materials and the function of the materials should be able to last at least the expected service lifetime of the product. Most gas and water piping systems are designed for a 50 year lifetime.
Of course you want to classify your material and to prove its quality. Kiwa can help you with your material evaluation and classification to prove the suitability of your material for plastics piping systems.

Kiwa offers the following services:

  • certification
  • lifetime prediction of your pipe and fitting resin for gas and water distribution and installation purposes
  • evaluation of your material in accordance with ISO 9080 test method.
  • ageing properties of materials
  • functionality testing of the resins in product form
  • chemical analysis of materials and resins
  • consultancy with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
  • material selections
  • inspections and guidance on location
  • quality control and validation

Producers of polymeric resins and raw materials.

Independend proving of the quality of your polymeric materials.

ISO 9080 - long term hydrostatic strength - service life time prediction

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