To participate in QS poultry, you must register with your coordinator first. The coordinator will organise your registration in the QS database. We will then process your registration in our system to enable an inspection to be planned. We certify poultry farms, hatcheries and processing companies. QS stands for quality and security (Qualität und Sicherheit). Full details of the scheme can be found here.


During the audit, we inspect the poultry houses or production location. The administrative records are also inspected. This part of the audit includes examining aspects such as the presence of the annual self-inspection that you must perform. Depending on your score, you will be granted certification for 6 months, one year or two years. Both announced and unannounced inspections are performed.

The QS audit can often be performed in combination with the IKB inspection so the inspector only has to pay one visit to your farm.

Please contact us for more information and the current fees.