Optimisation of your asset management by:

  • Introducing the risk management cycle,
  • Creating a better alignment between crucial business processes,
  • Making the decision-making process transparent,
  • Focusing on issues that really matter.

In addition, it is an excellent base for a continuous improvement process.


  • The added value of certification vis-à-vis external parties is primarily the demonstrability of an optimally organised and therefore continuously improved asset management process and control of your physical business assets.
  • Supervisory parties accept PAS 55 and NTA 8120 as a suitable base for a risk management system for your assets and consequently adapt supervision activities accordingly in the case of certified companies.

New regulations for pipeline operators

  • The Dutch decree on external pipeline safety (Besluit externe veiligheid buisleidingen or Bevb) imposes obligations on operators of pipelines for transporting hazardous substances.
  • The technical and organisational duty of care is explicitly specified in the Bevb decree (article 4).
  • The NTA 8000 technical agreement clarifies which management practices are seen as normal and necessary in accordance with standards of reasonableness (explanatory note in relation to Bevb, article 4).
  • The supervisory party accepts the methodology of NTA 8000 and applies it as an assessment framework.

The consequences for pipeline operators are as follows

  • Pipeline operators must be able to demonstrate that they comply with their duty of care.
  • They can do so using the system described in the NTA 8000 technical agreement.
  • The requirements with which a risk management system (RMS) must demonstrably comply are central elements within this technical agreement.

Services provided by Kiwa Technology

  • Advice on asset management issues.
  • Performance of gap analyses (zero measurements).
  • Implementation of Risk Management Systems.
  • Coordination of NTA 8000 implementation.
  • Creation of risk management plans

Target Groups

  • Pipeline management authority
  • Pipeline operator
  • Gas, Electricity or Thermal Power network operator
  • Person responsible for installation
  • Network management department
  • Asset manager
  • Asset specialist
  • Risk specialist
  • HSE manager
  • HSE specialist