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Rubber materials and products undergo a deformation during service. This deformation is an elongation or a compression. The outer rubber surface is strained in both situations. Many rubber materials are susceptible to ozone attack, that leads to the generation of small cracks in the rubber outer surface. Eventually the rubber product can fail.

So if you are a manufacturer of rubber compounds and rubber products,  a distributor or trader? Perhaps a designer, or a manufacturer or  constructor of installations and equipment? Or are you working in the field of maintenance and asset management? Then it is good to know that we can help you to carry out ozone resistance tests of rubber according to international standards.

Analysis, product quality, evaluation

The choice of the right rubber material and the proper composition of the rubber compound is important. Many material and product specifications have a requirement for the ozone resistance. The ozone resistance of rubber is commonly tested at standard test conditions according to ISO 1431-1, ASTM D1149 or DIN 53509-1. Kiwa's laboratories have the necessary special test equipment for the investigation of the ozone resistance.  Ozone resistance testing of rubber is not only important for the choice of the right rubber material for a seal, also for the evaluation of the product quality and for the cause analysis of possible failures. Besides rubber, other products and materials as well can be tested for the influence of ozone in these test facilities.


  • rubber seals
  • cables
  • hoses
  • colour fastness of textile products.

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