This service is for manufacturers and distributors of sanitary and plumbing products and components destined for the UK and wider European market.

Product Groups such as sanitary tap ware, WC suites and various types of water supply valves can be accommodated with this scheme, because there are common European Standards such as EN1111, EN817, EN1287. It has been demonstrated that most tests are equivalent to the UK regulators specifications.

The Kiwa Watertec laboratory in the UK is the only UKAS accredited  testing laboratory (No. 8896) to test to BS EN 12897: 2006 and 2016 for pressure, performance and energy loss. UKAS accreditation is also covered for energy loss testing to BS 1566-1 2002. 

We provide a complete testing and certification service for sanitary and plumbing products and components.

Kiwa Watertec is a member of the AAC (AAC Constitution)