Kiwa evaluation guidelines for sanitary taps

Product certification is carried out based on Kiwa evaluation guidelines, containing requirements with respect to materials utilized, the function of the product and the quality control of the production process.

For sanitary taps, the fuctional requirements are based on European Standards.

The following evaluation guidelines for sanitary taps are mainly requested:

  • BRL-K607 “Sanitary Tapware: mechanical mixers” (EN 817);
  • BRL-K610 “Thermostatic mixing valves” (EN 1111);
  • BRL-K652 “Sanitary Tapware: single taps and mixer taps” (EN 200); and
  • BRL-K14018 “Electronic tapware” (EN15091)

In addition to sanitary taps, evaluation guidelines for other sanitary appliances are available, such as:

  • BRL-K617 “Aerators” (EN 246);
  • BRL-K622 “Flexible connecting hoses” (EN 13618);
  • BRL-K658 “Showerheads and hand showers” (EN 1112);
  • BRL-K668 “Shower hoses” (EN 1113);
  • BRL-K14007 “Head parts to be used for sanitary tapware”; and
  • BRL-K14008 “Cartridges to be used for sanitary tapware: Mechanical mixers”.

Well equipped and modern laboratory

The products are tested in our well-equipped and modern laboratory, which is accredited to ISO 17025 by the Dutch Council of Accreditation (RvA).

Accreditation/acceptance of results

Product certification by Kiwa is carried out under accreditation by the Dutch Council of Accreditation (RvA) to NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17065.

With the Kiwa Product certificate for sanitary taps, compliance can be shown with the technical requirements of CSTB (France), DVGW (Germany), SVGW (Switzerland) and ÖVGW (Austria) and others, when applying for their respective certificates.


Other services

For sanitary taps, Kiwa can also help you with Buildcert (UK) (for TMV2 and TMV3 products) certification, Scandinavian standards and WRAS (UK) approvals. For functional testing according to Australian Standards (AS/NZS), Kiwa can be at your service as well.