The system Safety Certificate Contractor (SCC) was developed by the petrochemical industry. The SCC system should make sure that the company has organized any health and safety topics.

There is a differentiation between SCC* and SCC**:

  • SCC* is for companies with up to 35 employees not using any subcontractors.
  • SCC** is for companies with more than 35 employees not using subcontractors.
  • SCCP is for companies working in petrochemical industry.


The System Safety Certificate Temporary Workers (SCT) was developed for companies leasing staff according to other companies. The staff is then working in repairs, rebuilding etc.

SCT has been developed for companies that provide personnel to other companies in accordance with the AÜG.

Process Steps

Using a questionnaire organization and implementation of topics with respect to safety and health protection are checked. The implementation is checked on site under working conditions.