Mostly expensive installations are involved that require a high reliability level. The costs for the repair or exchange of a critical polymer part can be much higher than the initial costs of the polymer part itself. In that case it is very profitable to know the expected service life of the specific polymer product beforehand. That is where you can trust on the service of Kiwa.
The residual service life of existing installations, to function for many years, is also an important issue for the asset and maintance departments of companies. Kiwa is often requested to investigate and evaluate if polymer parts or products can function during a longer period. In many cases the exchange of the polymer product was not neccessary, even beyond the initial design life or guarantee period. A clear advantage for our clients!

Tests related to service life investigations:

  • Rubber, investigation and prediction of service life
  • Plastics, thermal stability
  • Oxidation induction time (OIT) and other DSC based tests
  • Resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure
  • Resistance to slow crack growth (SCG)
  • Resistance to rapid crack propagation (RCP)
  • Oxygen permeability
  • Effects of heating.

Designers, manufacturers, asset managers and users of plastics and rubber materials and products.

  • plastic piping systems
  • rubber sealing products
  • rubber engineering products
  • geosynthetics

In all cases where service life investigations bring the answers you are looking for.

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