Solar Collectors

MCS certification can be either; for collectors alone (according to EN 12975) or, for factory made systems (according to EN 12976).

Solar PV Modules

MCS certification can be for modules based either; on crystalline silicon cells (according to EN 61215) or, on thin films (according to EN 61646). Additional requirements apply where modules are intended for integration as roof covering.

This service is for manufacturers and suppliers of solar equipment.


Modules are of specific fixed designs, whereas a BBIPV product is one that is tailored and manufactured to a specific project, with a size, shape and configuration particular to that project. For the purposes of MCS, a BBIPV product is defined as a PV unit manufactured in varying sizes and configurations solely for the purpose of being built into the fabric of a structure - such as PV glazing, PV façade units or PV shading units.

PV modules and tiles which do not meet the above criteria require certification under MCS 005. Where there is any doubt about the applicable standard (MCS 005 or MCS 017) then clarification should be sought from MCS.

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