Introduction of a security management system should be a strategic decision by the organization.

The organization’s needs and objectives, security requirements, processes used for that purpose and the organization’s size and structure influence the design and implementation of a security management system.

We assume that implementation of the security management systems shall be tailored to the needs of the organization, that is, a simple situation requires a simple solution.

This standard can be used in combination with more specific security standards or (legal) security requirements. We can implement the standard separately or in combination with ISO 20858 Maritime Port Facility Security Assessments and Security Plan.

Who for?
Commercial companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, security companies.

When is it required?
In processes with financial risks and risks with regard to the privacy of data.

Process steps
Initially, a phase 1 study is conducted where system documentation is examined to see whether the system meets all requirements to comply. The 2nd phase investigates implementation of the system.

Why Kiwa NCP?
Kiwa NCP is a leading certification body for the certification (accreditation) of fire protection and security companies, also called Fire Safety & Security (FSS).

Kiwa NCP is an independent Certification Body that determines whether a company meets the quality requirements. A Kiwa NCP Certificate provides the occupant with a well-founded confidence in the quality of the certified company and its services, such as testing, commissioning and maintaining systems.