Club and Stadia officials with the responsibility of ensuring that the recommendations given in the HMSO publication ‘Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds’ (Green Guide) fifth edition are implemented.

Our complete cost-effective risk-assessment, inspection and testing service has been employed by many authorities and Stadia management companies in the UK which include:

  • Headingly Rugby Stadium
  • Leeds United FC
  • Newcastle Racecourse
  • Epsom Racecourse
  • Sandown Racecourse
  • West Bromich Albion FC

Our broader structures testing services include:

  • Inspection and testing of reinforced concrete structures
  • Half-cell potential, depth of carbonation, cover to reinforcement and resistivity
  • Concrete core and dust sampling for laboratory analysis
  • Diamond core sampling of concrete and bituminous highway construction
  • Surveys of structures for high alumina cement (HAC) and chemical attack
  • In situ load testing on holding-down bolts, fixings and lift beams, etc
  • Surface slip and skid resistance
  • Concrete floor slab testing
  • Relative humidity monitoring
  • Inspection and testing of steel lighting columns
  • Bond / pull off testing

Methodologies combined with the specific expertise and knowledge results in a quality testing operation for a range of structures including:

  • Sports stadia
  • Road, rail and river bridges
  • Sea defences
  • Multi-storey car parks
  • Commercial and domestic properties
  • Highways
  • Street Lighting