A convection oven usually contains a single heating element which is responsible for the transfer of heat to the oven. To produce steam, water is sprayed against the heat exchanger. This reduces the oven temperature. The steam-convection oven developed by Kiwa Technology has two burner systems, one for hot air and one for steam, in order to guarantee flexible use. A compact heat exchanger was designed for this oven that transfers heat from the combustion gases to water and steam.

This oven is intended to be used in industrial kitchens and has a fast cooking time and high level of efficiency. The oven also meets GASTEC QA (Quality Approved) requirements (GASTEC is an independent mark of quality for gas-fired appliances). This means, for example, that the heat transfer efficiency is greater than 80% and that the NOx emission is low. This is achieved with a pre-mix burner with which the heating capacity can be modulated and that gives an even temperature spread throughout the oven. The electrical heating element in existing oven models can be replaced by our ultra-compact gas-fired system. A large number of manufacturers have found their way to Kiwa Technology and have successfully converted electrical steam/convection ovens to gas.

Kiwa also offers a helping hand for manufacturers that experience problems with their equipment. These problems usually involve design faults. Minor adaptations are sufficient to prevent further problems occurring when the ovens are in use.

Product development is carried out in close collaboration with the manufacturer. This usually takes place on a confidential basis. The wishes and requirements are formulated and a global patent scan is carried out. In the concept phase, the foundation for the design is laid. Clients can choose from various designs. The dimensions are calculated for one or more concepts. The dimensioning affects the combustion process, start-up behaviour, noise production, efficiency, resistance and thermal loading of the heat exchanger. The optimal dimensions are calculated using technical heating calculations.

Kiwa Technology has a workshop in which (prototype) heat exchangers and burners can be made. Converted ovens are tested in the laboratory and delivered ready for certification.

Target group

Industrial kitchen manufacturers