These sumps and chambers are resistant to all (bio)fuels.

Intended For?

Installers and manufacturers of above- and underground storage facilities for liquid fuels and lubricants.

Process steps

If you are interested in certification then you can contact our certification engineer for information or fill in the Application form which is showed under the additional information. on the requirements and the procedure to be followed. Conditions for the certification process are stated in the Kiwa Regulations for Product Certification and the General Terms and Conditions of Kiwa for the performance of orders.

Why Kiwa?

Kiwa is a rapidly growing international knowledge based organization in the field of certification, (gas) technology, training, testing and consultancy. Kiwa is the market leader in the water, gas, construction, industry, business services and care and safety sectors. Kiwa also has several Expert Centres including the Expert Polymer Centre where all the expertise of some 30 Kiwa employees active in this market is brought together for the benefit of the customer. For more information check our website Expert Center polymers.