It is for this reason that Kiwa ISA Sport, supported by specialists in the field of life-cycle analyses, has developed a system that can be used to determine the sustainability of playing fields and associated products. The method is based on EN14040 and EN14044, consisting of analyses of a product throughout its entire life cycle. The outcome is a categorization based on a sustainability indicator / Eco-label.

The method also leads to an EPD (= Environmental Product Declaration) report or environmental statement in accordance with EN15804.

Who is it for?
Companies and municipalities that are aiming to procure sustainably;
Manufacturers and building contractors that supply to organizations that are aiming to procure sustainably;
Manufacturers that want to make sustainable products.

When do you need it?
To demonstrate that you are aiming to work in a sustainable manner;
To compare the environmental impact of various playing fields and/or components;
To award an Eco-label to specific playing fields and/or components.

About Kiwa ISA Sport

Kiwa ISA Sport is the number one knowledge institute for sports facilities. We have been providing support on various aspects of the construction and maintenance of top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities for over fifty years, mainly in the Netherlands, but also internationally. We have been part of Kiwa since 2011.

Kiwa ISA Sport is fully independent and has all the necessary know-how about (artificial turf) playing fields. We have been actively participating in all national and international standardization committees for years and are accredited by most national and international sports associations.