Version: Swedish quality standard for Retailers. Issue 2.1 May 2014

Kiwa Sweden offers committed retail stores with high requirements on food safety certification under the Swedish Quality Standard for Retailers. The standard has been developed by five food retailers, together with the Swedish Grocers’ Federation, and is based on the industry guidelines of “Säker mat i din butik!” (Safe food in your store!).

The Swedish National Food Administration’s website,, has information about HACCP and the “Säker mat i din butik!” industry guidelines.

The standard can be ordered from the Swedish Grocers’ Federation website.

Society as a whole currently has a great amount of interest for safe food handling in retail stores; this standard provides both large and small stores with a great tool for their improvement work.

With thorough HACCP procedures and functional self-assessment, all retail stores can ensure that they sell safe food to their customers.