Any company who wants to ensure the food products produced are risk assessed to identify potential threats and is a requirement of BRCGS Food Safety V8.

Our one day interactive course will discuss historical and emerging threats to businesses and supply chains to enable identification of perceived potential areas of concern to enable the creation of risk profiles specific to your own organisation.


  • To recognise types of threats and state why food defence is critical to your business
  • Evaluate threats and mitigate outcomes
  • Review and develop your own TACCP plan to comply with clause requirements of Section 5.4 BRCGS Food Safety Issue 8
  • Review controls in respect of product authenticity claims and chain of custody

Course content includes

  • What do we mean by ‘food fraud’
  • How widespread is Food Crime
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Company business and supply chain threats
  • Key elements of an effective food defence plan
  • The penalties
  • Due diligence - tools and sources

Delegates who attend will be issued with a certificate.