BRL-K14036 is relevant to installers, event organizers, authorities, municipalities, water companies.

For drinking water installations that will be removed after a certain time on locations where there is no or limited access to drinking water facilities like water taps, wash-stands, toilets and/or showers. For example festivals, sports events, exhibitions, fairs, circuses etc.

Retaining a certified installer gives authorities, event organizers and visitors trust that the drinking water at the venue can be used safely.  And with the certificate installers can distinguish themselves on the market.

The BRL is based on legislation in the Netherlands. In other countries the relevant national authorities may set additional or other requirements.

Steps to obtain a certificate are:
1. Fill in an application form and send it to Kiwa (application form is located on the right side);
2. Kiwa sends a quotation, which is at the same time a concept-agreement, drawn up according to the requirements of the guideline;
3. After mutual signing of the quotation, the agreement is definitive and the initial audit can start;
4. After positive results of the initial audit, the certificate will be issued;
5. The certificate is valid indefinitely;
6. The agreement includes yearly office audits and random project audits. The number of project audits depends on the total number of projects carried out by the certficate holder.

Important aspects of the initial audit (steps 3 and 4) include:
a. Audits of projects carried out by the applicant in order to demonstrate that the projects meet the certification requirements;
b. Assessment of the quality system and internal quality control (IQC) scheme. To ascertain that the installer is continually able to carry out projects that meet the certification requirements.

The yearly office audits aim at the maintenance of the management system, in order to maintain confidence that the certificate holder is still able to carry out projects that meet the certification requirements.

Conditions for the certification process are stated in the Kiwa Regulations for Product Certification and the General Terms and Conditions of Kiwa for the performance of orders.