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Are you a supplier or user of polymeric materials and products? Then it is good to know that we can help you whenever you have a need to test a polymer material or product. We have all equipment available to perform tests.

Standard tests on polymers 

All equipment to perform the standard tests on polymers are available, such as:

  • Uniform tensile and compression machines up to forces of 500 kN
  • Equipment for tensile and compression tests at high or low temperatures
  • A large number of ovens and climate chambers
  • A large number of impact testers
  • Ageing equipment, like ozone chambers and almost all types of UV testers
  • Analysers like: TGA, FT-IR, DSC, GC and GC-MS
  • OIT, MFI testers
  • Abrasion resistance testers
  • Hardness testers
  • Thermal baths with a large number of pressure points for internal water pressure testing of pipes, fittings and joints
  • Relaxation and creep test equipment
  • IR-microscopy
  • Light microscopy
  • and many more ....

Services we can help you with

  • testing of physical-mechanical properties
  • damage and failure analysis
  • service life prediction for specific applications
  • consultancy for plastics and rubbers with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
  • material selections
  • inspections and guidance on location
  • quality control and validation

More information

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About Kiwa 

Kiwa has specialized business units that focus on specific market segments, in the Netherlands and internationally. We offer specialist services in areas such as energy and water, fire safety and security, infrastructure, roof and facade advice, sports facilities and training. You can contact these business units for testing, inspection, certification, training and consultancy tailored to your market segment.