Kiwa tests bituminous joint sealants as well as joint tapes, bitumen-based rail sealants and crack fillers, polyurethane-based joint sealants and polysulphide.

You should be interested as

  • Manufacturers of joint sealants (initial testing and external monitoring)
  • Road construction office
  • Processors (control tests)
  • Expert

Initial tests and external monitoring are the prerequisite for the approval of joint sealants or joint profiles for use in road construction

Control tests can be carried out during the construction work at the request of the client. We also carry out investigations of cases of damage and prepare expert reports.

We carry out all tests of the DIN EN 14188 series of standards, e.g. the tests according to DIN EN 13880, parts 1-13.

After taking samples at the manufacturer's premises or at the construction site, the tests of the Technical Terms of Delivery for joint fillers in traffic areas (TL Fug-Stb 15) or the tests listed in the parts of DIN EN 14188 are carried out.

Subsequently, we prepare a test report or an expert opinion for you.