The test according to ETAG 005 is required if you wish to distribute the following materials, among others, in other European countries:

  • (Polymer-modified) bitumen emulsions and solutions
  • Glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin
  • Flexible unsaturated polyester
  • Hot applied polymer modified bitumen
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polymer dispersions

The scope of testing for obtaining a European Technical Approval -ETA- for liquid-applied roof waterproofing is determined by Part 1 - General provisions and Part 6 - Special provisions for liquid-applied roof waterproofing (LARWK) based on polyurethane of ETAG No. 005 and has been agreed with the client.

The corresponding verifications are carried out using the test procedures according to the EOTA Technical Reports (TR) or according to the standards specified therein.

The ETAG No. 005 guideline requires the proof of performance characteristics as a guideline for the assessment of the usability of LARWK, among others:

  • Classification according to fire safety aspects by the applicant
  • Classification according to use by the applicant
    • Useful life: Category W2, expected useful life ten years
    • Category W3, expected useful life 25 years
    • Climate zone: Category S, extreme climate
    • (³ 5 GJ/m² and/or ³ 22 °C)
    • Payload: P3 for non-compressible supports (concrete)
    • P4 for compressible underlays (roof insulation panels)
    • special, e.g. for roof gardens, inverted roofs, green roofs
    • Roof pitch: S1 - S4 (< 5% to > 30% pitch)
    • Surface temperatures: TL3: -20 °C
    • TH4: +90 °C