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If you are a constructor, contractor, asset manager or a manufacturer and you want to test the jointing of plastic pipes and fittings to test the fitness for purpose of a piping system you can rely on our expertise for this. Tests can be performed on all types of jointing techniques between plastics pipes, multilayer pipes and all types of fittings such as clamp, press, (electro) fusion and solvent cemented.

Typical jointing tests are:

  • Resistance to temperature cycling at constant pressure;
  • Resistance to internal hydrostatic pressure;
  • Bending test (also cyclic bending);
  • Pull-out resistance testing;
  • Electro fusion and butt fusion weld testing;
  • Vacuum testing;
  • Various other leaktightness testing;
  • Cyclic temperature testing for sewage systems;
  • Service life testing.

More information:

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