Kiwa ISA Sport guarantees good, sustainable and safe sports facilities for many forms of sport. To do so we conduct continuous research in our own laboratory, which is a leader in the field of standards and quality determination. The laboratory enjoys recognition from both national and international sports organizations. Before fields or facilities are tested on site, the products that are used to build sports surfaces are tested in the laboratory of Kiwa ISA Sport in The Netherlands.

 The laboratory is equipped to assess the aspects which are important for the play and for the quality of the product:

  • sports functionality (whether the surface is suitable for the intended sport),
  • durability (resistance to wear, climatic simulations, stress),
  • material quality
  • sustainability

Besides the above aspects we additionally offer the following services:

  • Testing and analyzing of natural soil samples;
  • Certification for HIC value of surfaces and playgrounds (EN1177);
  • Material analyses (minerals, foams, synthetics);
  • Assessment of suitability of subbases;
  • Assessment of walls and ceilings for indoor facilities;
  • Testing of facility equipment (e.g. goals, side boards, backstop units, shot clocks and scoreboards)
  • Testing of sports equipment like balls, hockey sticks and facemasks.

With the available test portfolio, we can perform any test that could have an influence on the long-lasting safety of the end-users to ensure top quality, sustainable and safe sports facilities and a fair and enjoyable play.