• Sandwich panels;
• Solar energy systems;
• Light façade constructions;
• Cladding systems;
• Corrugated roof systems
• Parking roofs;
• Floors;
• Etcetera.


• EN 14509 - Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels - Factory made products - Specifications
• BDA – SCUD-test (System Test for Constructions Under Degradation)
• NEN 7250 - Solar energy systems - Integration in roofs and facades - Building aspects


A test specimen (max. 3 m x 7,5 m) is placed under an inclination (max. 45°) and exposed to a specified thermal shock load: heating followed by cooling with water, and if applicable in combination with freezing.  All kinds of combinations of loads are possible, depending on the end use of the system. During and after the test the test specimens is assessed with regard to functioning and the occurrence of damages such as shrinkage, detachment, blistering etcetera.