This certification process is for manufacturers producing:

Type 1 - Mechanical mixing valves

Type 2 - Thermostatic mixing valve conforming to EN 1111 and EN 1287

Type 3 - Thermostatic mixing valve complying with NHS Estates requirements D08

Apart from meaningful, rigorous TMV testing, we offer a unique costing structure. Clients pay for the initial product test, and annual factory production control audits. As long as the product doesn’t change, there is no need for repeat testing. When additional models or changes are necessary, the process is very smooth. This approach can accommodate a developing product range.

Thermostatically controlled valves are widely available to control the temperature of water for showering, bathing and hand-washing and provide the solution to scalding, by blending hot water with cold to ensure constant, safe outlet temperatures. These valves should be particularly considered in areas where people would be at the highest risk of scalding.

A Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMV) Type 3 approval ensures that the valves are manufactured to meet the highest specifications required by the NHS Estates D08 standard for mixing valves for use within healthcare premises in the United Kingdom. Although Type 3 thermostatic mixing valves are predominantly used in the healthcare industry they can be used in all types of buildings.