One such certification body is Kiwa Sweden, formerly Kiwa Swedcert/SWEDCERT AB, which was established in July 1995 to operate within the newly deregulated system. The company’s staff have many years of experience in the fields of testing, inspection, and certification of construction and installation products.

Kiwa Sweden is involved in work relating to the European Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, not least in the Swedish Mirror Group.

We are also able to issue renewed decisions on previous type approvals when they expire.

The new system for type approvals differs in many respects from the old one.

Testing is to follow the relevant criteria of the Swedish Planning and Building Act (PBL), based on the intended area of use that the applicant states. The certification body decides which instructions may be required for such Factory Production Controls.

Factory Production Controls may involve a self-assessment or a self-assessment combined with a supervisory inspection. The type approval documentation or assessment instructions are not permitted to state which body conducts the supervisory inspection of the manufacturer or importer/distributor’s self-assessment. The holder of the type approval decides which body to employ.

Type approved products must be furnished with Boverket’s approval label and with Kiwa Sweden’s identification number. The manufacturer’s declaration is to accompany the product and be available on the construction site.

Lists of type approved products can be requested from Svensk Byggtjänst or from us. The products are also listed in the database of type approvals on our website.