UTZ certification is ideal for all actors in the chain of coffee, tea and cocoa production. Certification allows a company to label coffee, tea or cocoa packs with the UTZ logo, which adds value when marketing these products.

A company must be certified under the rules for UTZ Certified to be able to use the UTZ Certified label on the ready packed product. All companies involved in the supply chain must undergo an annual audit by an independent certification company like Kiwa BCS.

UTZ Certified also offers an innovative online marketplace where all affiliated importers, processors, and brand producers can efficiently do business. All batches of goods there are given a unique UTZ number for traceability along the chain, which means that all UTZ coffee, tea, and cocoa products can be traced back to the grower. This enables coffee roasting houses, for example, to mark their packaging with a code so that consumers can go the UTZ website and find out how and where the coffee was grown.

More information is also available on: www.utzcertified.org