For sealing parts like O-rings, U-cups, diaphragms, sealing discs and valve seats, elastomeric materials are used. Most applied rubbers in both plastic and metal valves are EPDM (water), NBR (oil and gas) and FKM (chemical liquids).

Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers is your partner for independent testing, certification and quality related services regarding valves and plastic and rubber valve components.

As a manufacturer you have to deal with many challenges that come along with product design, specific plastic and rubber compounds and special manufacturing techniques. Nevertheless your client demands high quality products that function properly. Use the best technical support to reach these goals: the experts of the Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers.

Purchasers or end users can rely on our expertise of plastic and elastomers to find confirmation of the quality and reliability of valves in their specific applications.

The Kiwa Expert Centre Polymers delivers many services in the field of valves.

An outline:

  • certification of valves
  • testing of physical-mechanical properties of plastuc and rubber valve components
  • failure analysis
  • service life prediction for specific applications
  • independent arbitrations
  • consultancy with respect to specifications and requirements for specific applications
  • material selections
  • inspections and guidance on location
  • quality control and validation

Those who use, produce or specify valves.

Having questions or problems related to valves.

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For the approval and certification for drinking water and for gas application we will bring you into contact with the certification department.