The aim of VLOG is to produce food without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is important in this respect that GMO and non-GMO raw materials and ingredients are not mixed. For instance, no mixing of different types of animal feed. As a participating company, you must minimise risks of this nature.

VLOG is originally a German quality scheme, but certification for the scheme in the Netherlands is performed by Kiwa VERIN. Full details of the scheme can be found here.


During the annual recertification audit,  we inspect the livestock houses to check how the feed flows are organised. In addition, we thoroughly inspect the administrative records and in particular the farm protocols. These should describe the risk management measures to prevent mixing, deliveries of feed and the results of analysis for non-GMO ingredients. In addition to poultry farms, we also certify packing stations, processors, traders and animal feed producers.

The VLOG audit can often be performed in combination with inspections for IKB, KAT, GMP +, Securefeed and/ or BLK. This means that only one visit is required for various certification schemes.