Evaluation guideline KQ 17602

Evaluation guideline KQ 17602 includes all relevant requirements on the basis of which Kiwa will handle applications for certification and the issuing of KiwaQuality (KQ) product certificates for rubber seals for plastic piping and tank systems for industrial applications in the European market as well as on a global scale.

Examples of applications are installations in chemical plants, power plants, steel and metal industry, semiconductor industry and water treatment. No chemical liquids are excluded.

The certification scheme applies to seals made of solid vulcanised rubber, including O-rings, gaskets and other designs, with welded joints as well as with protective coating.

Testing and certification of elastomers, rubber compounds and more

Kiwa is also your partner for testing and certification of elastomers, rubber compounds, sealants and other polymers and materials for the chemical resistance in other (non-sealing) applications.

Kiwa carries out certifications and inspections of rubber seals for manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products, distributors and traders. Constructors, purchasers and maintenance and asset managers can demand for rubber seals with KQ certificate to increase reliability, safety and service life of critical and expensive industrial installations and equipment.

Rubber seals with KQ 17602 certificate give manufacturers of rubber compounds and rubber products a competitive edge. The use of certified products with proven chemical resistance increase the reliability, safety and service life of critical and expensive industrial installations.

More information

For more information about the certification of the chemical resistance of rubber seals or for other questions, please contact us: rubber@kiwa.nl