A variety of products

The product group Water Distribution Products handles product certification of metallic piping, metallic couplings and fittings, drinking water coatings, exterior protective layers such as PE, valves (among others, butterfly and gate valves), above and underground fire hydrants, non return valves in distribution systems and control valves.

Product certification is established by verifying that the products are in compliance with the certification schemes. These certification schemes are initiated by the concerned parties in the water sector and they embody various appropriate European Standards.

Verification and compliance

In order to verify that the distribution products are in compliance with the requirements, the products are type tested. One stop service is possible because Kiwa has an in-house state-of-the-art testing laboratory. It is used by Kiwa to offer an efficient and effective service. The test facilities are suitable for testing of products up to DN 250 and PN 16. Products larger than DN 250 are verified on site by qualified auditors and inspectors during witness audits.

Notified body

The Construction Products Directive requires suppliers of specific products to involve notified bodies when issuing CE-certificates.

For underground and above-ground fire hydrants this is required on Level 1. For testing and surveillance audits, Kiwa is appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment as a notified body. Kiwa is appointed as a notified body based on its accreditation to ISO/IEC 17065 (accreditation standard for institutes issuing product certificates).

Also hygienic aspects are included

Products intended for use in distribution systems for drinking water require also approval on hygienic aspects. The requirements on these aspects can differ per country and is legally obligatory (not voluntary).

Kiwa is appointed by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment to handle the approvals for hygienic aspects of products in contact with drinking water.

By combining all requirements for functional, process and hygienic aspects for products in contact with drinking water into our Evaluation Guidelines Kiwa is in the unique position tot offer you approvals into one single application procedure.

This way of handling applications underlines the position of Kiwa as a partner for progress, offering you efficient one stop shopping possibilities.