In the field of plastic pipes, the products that can be tested are several, from the pipes in Polyethylene (PE) to those in PVC, from the products in PP and PB to the special ones such as glass fibre reinforced and the more required as multilayer piping systems in plastic and aluminium.

Even the applications of these products cover a wide range of purposes, from transporting gas to that of drinking and waste water, from geothermal to the transport of special liquids.

The standards range according to which tests are performed includes regulation from ISO 21003 to UNI/TS 11344, from the EN12201 to the EN1555, from the EN1452, EN1401, EN1329 to the EN14954, EN15874, EN15875 and many others.

The main tests that we perform are:

  • Thermal cycles;
  • Resistance to operating temperatures;
  • Pressure Cycles;
  • Regression curves (ISO9080);
  • Resistance to internal pressure;
  • Delamination;
  • Resistance to pull-out;
  • Resistance to the constituents of the gas;
  • Thermal stability (OIT);
  • MFR;
  • Rapid Crack propagation;
  • Slow Crack Growth;
  • Odour Permeability.

and many more

Valves and fittings

With reference to valves and fittings, and in partiuolar to standard sas the EN331, the EN13828 and the EN1254, we can offer test such as:

  • Resistance to the internal pressure;
  • Leaktightness;
  • Effectiveness – rated flow rate;
  • M echanical strength – torque and bending resistance;
  • Resistance to high temperature;
  • Durability – endurance;
  • Salt Spray;
  • Hydrostatic pressure;
  • Thermal cycles;
  • Pressure cycles;
  • Hydraulic tests.

And many more.

Sanitary Sector

In the sanitary sector, above all for sanitary taps and mixers, with reference to standards such as EN 200, EN 817, EN 1111, EN 15091, we can offer a wide range of tests such as:

  • Leaktightness;
  • Pressure Resistance;
  • Flow Rate;
  • Mechanical Strength;
  • Endurance;
  • Backflow Prevention,
  • Acoustic Test;
  • Temperature Stability;
  • Water Hammer;
  • Protection against pollution of drinking water,
  • Electrical Safety.

and many more

For information on the test cited and any other test you could possibly need that is not in this illustrative list, please contact us.