Welding Procedure Specification (WPS): Welding instruction; It is a form prepared according to the relevant Project standard (ASME and / or EN standards) codes, including welding mouth detail, welding method to be used, electrode and / or welding wire type and diameter, current, volt, welding position, number of welding passes.

Welding Procedure Approval (WPQR) is  a certification that covers: the welding method of each source, the material group and the source material, indicating that the material is compatible and according to the project standard in accordance with the ASME or EN Codes made of resources, non-destructive tests and mechanical tests are performed and the results are appropriate according to the standards. For this reason, each WPS must have a WPQR that supports it. WPS and WPQR documents are whose validity period is unlimited and covers the relevant welding parameters, confirms and guarantees the customer's welding process.

Certified with Kiwa

Kiwa Turkey is a certification body accredited to EN ISO 15614 certification.

USP/ Benefits

  • Boostyour profits - With the EN ISO 15614, you can be ready to access the European market and increase profits,
  • Increase your quality - with EN ISO 15614 you can guarantee welding quality and the accuracy of components' performance,
  • Meet the needs of customers - EN ISO 15614 provides consumers with consistent health, safety and environmental protection when using your products,
  • Prove your commitment to quality - certification indicates to customers, partners, and employees that you are committed to technical quality,
  • Increase competitiveness - Enables you to be competitive in the European market with EN ISO 15614.