EN 15085 Railway Applications - Railway vehicles and components production, overhaul and maintenance standard series applies to the manufacture of welded metal products during the production and maintenance of railway vehicles and components. The source is defined as special process . The requirements for this method are defined in EN ISO 3834 standards.

In order to export railway vehicles, their components and services related to these vehicles to the European countries, the companies that will work in these areas must be internationally certified.

What you want to know?

The standard consists of 5 sections;

EN 15085-1 General
EN 15085-2 Quality specifications and certification of welding manufacturer
EN 15085-3 Design features
EN 15085-4 Manufacturing rules
EN 15085-5 Inspection, testing and documentation

In Part 2 of the Standard; EN 15085-2 Certification / Quality Requirements of Businesses Performing Welded Manufacturing. Companies are certified under 4 certification levels. The certification level is determined according to the production capacities and performance classes of the companies (CPA-CPD).

CL1 - Railway vehicles / vehicle parts with high-quality welded seams. All vehicle manufacture is covered. All steps from CL 2 to CL 4 are also included.

CL2 - Except main components, boarding gates, roof equipment, etc. A lower class quality level was determined for the production of parts.

CL3 - Includes production of simple equipment parts for the production of railway vehicles. This certification level includes manufacturing with a Quality Level CPD.

CL4 - For enterprises that do not manufacture welded, but design, buy, install or operate railway vehicles and components.

Depending on each class, quality classes, equipment and personnel qualification and control / acceptance criteria must be determined by the firm. Certification according to EN 15085 can also be carried out with SS-EN ISO 3834. If the manufacturer has an approved system in accordance with ISO 3834, periodic revisions may be coordinated. Certificate costs change depending on the certificate level, company size, and number of locations. The certificate is an investment for the future.

Certified with Kiwa

Kiwa Turkey, is a certification body accredited for certification of manufacturing competence within the scope of railway applications (EN  15085).


  • Increase your profits - With the EN 15085 you can be ready to access the European market and potential profits,
  • Increase your quality - With EN 15085, you can guarantee the quality of the rail manufacturing and the accuracy of the components' performance,
  • Meet customers' needs, your products provide consumers with healthy, reliable and environmental protection,
  • Prove your commitment to quality - certification is proof that you are committed to technical quality to customers, partners and employees,
  • Increase competitiveness - EN 15085 certification ensures you are competitive in the European market.