ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 accredited one-stop-shop

When it comes to wind turbine generators Kiwa is specialized in all types of analysis, (drone) inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT). We focus on ensuring integrity, safety and managing aging of installation parts varying from gear boxes, bearings or other mechanical systems, structures or components. Our extensive expertise and experienced professionals make Kiwa your one-stop-shop for wind turbine testing and inspection. Kiwa is an independent testing, inspection and certification body, accredited for both ISO 17020 (inspection) and ISO 17025 (testing).

Full WTG lifecycle services

Kiwa offers harmonized service for the entire WTG market: from owners and operators to manufacturers and facilities (onshore and offshore). Our services cover the entire lifecycle of WTG installations and WTG farms, from foundation to the blades and from construction to the safe decommissioning of depreciated installations. Maintenance can consist of regular inspection, but can also entail Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and risk based inspection (RBI) culminating in Probabilistic Preventive Maintenance.

Four specialized service packages

Kiwa’s WTG services consist of four different packages, available both separately and as one integrated service:

  1. Business Analysis and Due Dilligence Combining business analysis, energy assessment and technical reviews Kiwa can offer you a complete overview of your investment, including annual energy production estimates and revenues.
  2. End of Warranty and maintenance/inspection planning Keeping up to date on the state of your WTG installation is crucial, in particular after the warranty period. Kiwa can help you gather the required information and help to analyze risks and expected deterioration, enabling you to optimally plan maintenance and inspections.
  3. Safety and Reliability Inspections Kiwa offers specialized visual inspection and NDT services for WTG parts like hydraulic accumulators, lifts, cranes, axles and gearboxes, safety equipment, firefighting systems and earth connection. Based on risk and degradation trends, Kiwa can help you to apply a maintenance strategy or repairs.
  4. New Built Inspections Kiwa helps you to make sure a new WTG or WTG park is built according to your requirements as well as local legislation. We can check HSQE requirements through quality checks (foundation analysis, pressure equipment and lift and crane inspections, welding and coating inspections, etc.).

Kiwa thinks globally and acts locally: throughout nine European countries there is always a Kiwa wind turbine generator expert nearby to assist you.

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