Work procedures regularly have to be assessed or reassessed because of changes in circumstances, for example, resulting from company reorganisations, amendments to regulations, etc.

Kiwa Technology can perform these assessments on the basis of in-depth knowledge of current regulations and a large amount of practical experience in this area. Besides an appraisal of any irregularities, Kiwa Technology's reports also give a concrete overview of the way in which changes can be implemented. After the necessary changes have been made, the report can be used together with the final assessment in the network operator's certification process in connection with the "demonstrability" of applying the correct work procedures.

The assessment can be performed by the network operator's "own" personnel, but one of the advantages of an assessment by an "outsider" is that it avoids any form of "blindness" for internal procedures.

The introduction of (new) work procedures is usually connected with giving personal instructions. Kiwa Technology can also arrange this (if necessary, by teaming up with Kiwa Training).

Target group

  • Operational managers
  • Installation contractors
  • HSE officers
  • Occupational health officers
  • Safety coordinators
  • Safety experts