This joint expertise can offer you various services regarding the certification of your products in various countries.

For instance, we can be of service to you for:

  • mutual recognition of test reports in EU countries;
  • approvals and testing specific for the UK; and
  • acceptance of Kiwa reports in Australia.

Acceptance of test reports in EU countries

To simplify and speed up the procedure to obtain national test seals and quality marks for sanitary tapware, the institutes Kiwa, CSTB, DVGW, SVGW, and ÖVGW agreed upon mutual recognition of test results of their recognized testing laboratories.The acceptance of test results is based upon test reports in conformity with European Standards for sanitary tapware.

The Kiwa test laboratory in Rijswijk is accredited to ISO 17025. Test reports issued by this laboratory are accepted in most European countries. For example, the reports have been accepted by the Scandinavian countries Denmark (ETA), Sweden (Sitac) and Finland (SFS).

Activities specific for the United Kingdom

In co-operation with Kiwa Quality Services Ltd., we can assist you to obtain the WRAS approvals for various water products. The Kiwa test laboratory in Rijswijk can provide you test reports according to EN 1111 and EN 1287, as well as product certificates for TMV type 2 and TMV type 3 (according to NHS DO8). Testing for the UK can be combined with the usual Kiwa certification process. Kiwa certification can be used to assist you with WRAS approvals, when appropriate. For more information: Kiwa Watertec.

Activities for Australia and New Zealand

During the past 15 years, Kiwa and SAI Global have built up an extensive co-operation in the field of sanitary products. Our laboratory is recognized by SAI Global, Global Mark, IAPMO Oceana and AGA for conducting tests according to Australian Standards.

In addition to testing according to AS/NZS standards, we offer testing of sanitary appliances according to the requirements of the WELS scheme regarding water saving.

Kiwa, your one-stop-shop for approvals

The extensive network and pragmatic approach of Kiwa makes us an interesting partner for international certification and testing activities. As manufacturer or supplier, you will get one contact person who will guide you through the world of standards, and put you on the right track for further certification activities.

For more information

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