The goal of Zerya® is to give a differentiation to companies with high level technical staff, through joint work and the conviction that it is possible to produce safe food, enabling costs to be cut by means of a rational use of products and which generate a sustainable productive system respectful with the environment, capable of fulfilling consumers’ expectations.

In today’s society, the concern for safety in the food that we consume makes us wonder what production system is being applied and how it can be assured that the final product is free of waste (*).ZERYA certification enables a producer to give consumers this guarantee.

Kiwa España will carry out certification audits in keeping with what is described in the General Regulations of ZERYA. This will involve checking all the points on the Check List and the applicable requisites from the General Regulation. This will always have to be done on harvesting. Apart from the audit, samples will be taken to carry out a multi-residue analysis, on any of the properties appearing in the ZERYA register.

For ZERYA a non-conformity means when a ZERYA rule required for obtaining the certificate is infringed, i.e. when 100% of the main requisites are not complied with. When a non-compliance is detected a warning is issued. If this involves a main requisite, a period not over 28 days will be allowed. After the certificate has been obtained, the mark that ZERYA gives certified companies can be used, to enable differentiating these products on the market. To maintain certification, follow-up audits will be made as laid down in the protocol.