BMW France - Elodie Grimaud

Elodie Grimaud
Role: Quality & Retail Standards Manager
Working with Kiwa for more than 10 years

What does your company do?

“BMW France imports and distributes vehicles of the brands BMW, MINI and BMW i, BMW motorcycles, as well as spare parts and accessories for these vehicles, in France’s cities and in the principality of Monaco, through its dealership network and distribution subsidiaries or agents.”

What Kiwa products or services do you buy?

“Kiwa audits our headquarters and our whole dealer network on our quality management system (called a quality management assessment, QMA). The QMA is a pre-audit to prepare us for ISO 9001 certification. Kiwa has provided us with training on request when a new ISO standard is edited for example. Kiwa also audits our BMW & MINI dealerships on retail standards based on architecture, training and customer satisfaction processes, for both new cars and used cars. These standards are a requirement in the contract between BMW Group France and the dealerships.”

Why did you choose Kiwa?

“Kiwa has real expertise in the automotive sector, and they provide us an external view and professional advice. They are reliable and the information they provide is used as a reference for our daily work.”

What do you value most in your relationship with Kiwa?

“We appreciate the very close partnership of trust; during the audit campaigns, our daily relationship and communication is very important for the success of our shared mission. We have been certified to the ISO 9001 standard for 20 years now, and Kiwa has contributed to this success.”

What would you suggest Kiwa could improve?

“Kiwa could develop its own digital system for customers (a shared platform) and could organize some customer conferences on specific topics.”